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Blended Learning

What is blended learning?

Blended learning is a student-centered learning method involving the strategic use of technology. Students move at their own pace, self-manage and personalize their learning path, and decide when and where they want to learn. The teacher no longer plays the traditional role of teacher, but becomes an academic mentor and facilitator. Blended learners and educators are turning the traditional classroom on its head. 


What steps can I take to start blending my classroom?

1) Decide on your blended vision. What goals do you want to accomplish in your classroom? What areas of instruction, the environment, and student learning outcomes do you find challenging? How can you improve your teaching and classroom to overcome these challenges?

2) Start small. Are you interested in taking blended learning for a spin? If so, pick a lesson and make it a blended lesson. You may consider this a playlist of activities that students do after a small amount of instruction or students making choices using the resources you've given them on a Symbaloo. Start small and take a sideline role during the activity! If this first lesson was successful, try another. Your next step will be a unit. Eventually, you'll love blending so much that you'll blend all of your subjects.

3) Keep trying new strategies. If you find it hard to keep students' progressing, try implementing a plan that will help build a culture of self-management. Just remember your vision, classroom goals, and your students while designing and implementing the strategies.

4) Reach out to other blended teachers for help. There aren't as many of us as traditional instructors, but we are out there. Start by conversing with BetterLesson Blended Master Teachers. We have a network of educators and resources that will help you navigate your blended classroom!