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Blended Bites Blog

A Few of my SciFavs

Jessica Anderson

As I prepare for the new school year I've become a little "browsing" happy, happy, happy.  While searching for new and innovative things to use in my earth science, astronomy, and physics courses I came across a few that I think are worthy of sharing. Some are ones I have used in the past, others are what I'll call my new SciFavs.


What-if: This site answers random questions every Tuesday using physics. They have some very artistic representations to go along with their explanations, which you might find amusing.

MinutePhysics: Great, short videos on physics concepts. Here's an example of one I think the 9th grade boys in my class would love (anything that "explodes" is cool):


Earth Science:

MinuteEarth: Great, short videos about Earth.

Addition 8/9---Institute for Global Environmental Strategies:  (From their site) The courses deepen teachers’ content knowledge within an inquiry environment through reflection, analysis and self-discovery. They familiarize participants with Earth system analyses and provide a suite of techniques that can be employed to facilitate student learning; these include Jigsaw, Problem-Based Learning, and Group Investigation. Each of these methods takes teachers out of the role of “middle man” (i.e., the deliverer of content) and creates a student-centered classroom.

All Science:

It's Okay to be Smart on YouTube: There are soooo many amazing videos on earth, biology, space, and physics. I think you'll especially like this one:



The Scales of the Universe: Scales the big and small in the universe. I've used this one before in my astronomy class, but it's always a good one!

NASA Goddard: Latest in NASA's research into astrophysics, Earth Observing, and Solar Science. I especially like "This World is Black and White" on feedback loops.