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If my classroom were on a menu, how would I describe it?

Jessica Anderson

My husband has been following me on twitter and asked me yesterday what I meant when I said "flipped classroom."  I went on to explain what flipped meant and that my classroom is really not flipped per se, it's more of a blended model built using the flipped-mastery model with a side of gamification. Sounds like a menu item doesn't it?!?  I'm sure as I blabbered on and on he started to tune me out, but him asking really got me thinking. If my classroom were on a menu, how would I describe it? So here goes...

[Insert Name of Menu Item...]
A creative blend of virtual PBL, self-paced concept mastery, and gamification.  Stuffed with 1:1 interaction, peer tutoring, global connections, collaboration, student-designed performance assessments, and tech gadgets/apps that will blow your mind. Conquering this learning zone is skill point and badge worthy. Try it, you won't get this experience just anywhere. It just can't be reproduced.

Below is a verbal welcome from me to my future students...