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Blended Bites Blog

Time to Explore

Jessica Anderson

Note: I wrote this a month ago on my family blog, but I think it is important enough to share with my science and education community too.

One my favorite scientists says it best in this video. We need to let our children explore. They are curious, let them be curious.


Therefore, I thought I'd share one of our recent explorations with Bryer.

The leaves and blossoms on all of our plants around the house have started to come out.  Bryer has been wanting to spend more time outdoors, partially because it has been raining and that means lots of rain puddles for him to splash in. Therefore, we (mostly me) decided it might be nice to go around and collect all the different leaves and blossoms to compare their size, texture, and shapes.  Bryer of course was more excited to be plucking them off their branches and running around the newly mowed grass to get more. We gathered an abundance of different ones and then headed indoors to make a collage of what we found. Below is the result of lots of glue and sticky hands, which by the way he had washed two times before he was through (on his own accord):

Now that our project is dry, we will be able to have a conversation about what we observe (touch, taste, smell, see, hear) when we examine our samples.  Yes, I'm trying to imprint "scientist" on's my job to culture the next generation of curious. Besides I have a masters in curious and it's how I make my living.

Below are a few pictures that I think capture our exploration adventure...