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Blended Bites Blog

A Campfire and Some Good Steak

Jessica Anderson

My educational passion has once again been stoked and just in time for the new school year to start. Really, I'm not saying that I wasn't excited to start. Believe me I've been in enthusiastic, planning mode since the beginning of July. But this is a different kind of excitement and passion. W-O-W is one way to describe it, but honestly I'm having a difficult time trying to put this experience into words.

I guess I could relate it to when I have a really good steak for dinner. The chef has figured out to the second how long it should cook, the seasoning is just right, and it has just enough juice to make your mouth water. So it wasn't an actual steak, but definitely something with a similar effect.

Is it okay to relate my virtual collaboration experience to a good steak?

Yes, I just spent the last 45 minutes virtually talking to three other teachers, whom I've never met, about the Virtual Thinking Project. And it was amazing!  Why was it amazing? Why did it stir the embers? Because it was something I made happen. I took an idea, put it out there, and people came to sit next to my campfire. "We" made an idea into a campfire gathering.  I'm not saying we were all singing Kumbaya by the end, but we made some amazing strides through collaboration on a computer, and across state and country lines.

And who is this all for? Our students. We are all driven to do amazing collaborative work so that our students will also experience a really good steak.

So for those who are hesitant about burning down the four walls of your classroom and moving out into the virtual world with collaboration, don't be. Just think about all the amazing steaks and campfires you're missing out on.