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2014 Goals---the six month recap

Jessica Anderson

To see my goals visit:
In January I set 10 goals for myself as a professional educator for the year 2014. As we hit the half-way mark of the year, I feel it's necessary to reflect on what I've achieved, changes to my plans, and my projected path as the year enters the latter 6 months.
Goal #1 was to web-conference with at least one school or scientist a month during the 2014 school year.  Right now, I've only missed April and May. I was hoping to have more web conferences with the Virtual Thinking Project virtual partners, however, as the end of the year time crunch hit it didn't happen. 
As the new school year starts, I think I'm going to expand this goal to web conference and connect virtually with schools and scientists. I have plans for blogging collaboration between a couple of schools, so I think this goal will be more achievable with this added aspect. 
Goal #2 was to write an article for The Science Teacher on an activity I have in the works for my physics students. I'm still thinking about this. However, I think I'm going to be able to achieve this goal in two other ways as I've been given two writing opportunities. More on this later as both are a work in progress.
Goal #3 To connect with more educators on Twitter is in full throttle mode. I've gained 1,600+ followers in the last year. My PLN continues to grow and I continue to learn. Now to get over the 2000 following cap, sigh...

Goal #4 is still a work in progress (To help expand MSTAs twitter following and start a twitter chat for MSTA earth science teachers). However, I will not be working on achieving the latter portion of this goal as I have co-founded the #MTedchat with Crista Anderson (@cristama). We are fully engaged in connecting educators from our state and around the country. Check out our archive here:
Goal #5 has been achieved. I submitted three proposals to present at the MEA-MFT Educators conference in October. All three were accepted! I'm excited to share with earth science teachers about the virtual thinking project, as well as other resources, and expand our #MTedchat reach with two sessions!

I'm thrilled to say that I had students participate every month in the #scistuchat (Goal #6)! More awesomely, two of my students @BeauDav and @emmaspears98 moderated the chat. I'm super proud that they felt empowered to do this! I plan to promote this opportunity as the school year starts again.

Goal #7 is in motion! I am currently in the process of redesigning my astronomy and earth science courses. My blended-gamified classes are getting an overhaul and one of them is going to be embedded in The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy!

Goal #8--I'm happy to report that I still moderate #SCItlap and participate in #levelupED. These chats are both awesome and amazing learning tools. I also continued to blog for the Teacher Leadership Challenge, although I was a little less consistent as the school year ended.

As for goal #9 to read a new teaching book, I'm currently reading "The Year Without Pants" and "Mindset." I'm excited about both of these books! I even included some thoughts from Mindset in a recent application.

Lastly, the Virtual Thinking Project was a success! My students were able to share their innovations and designs regarding a Global Climate Change issue all while collaborating with three other schools. I look forward to adapting this project for next years students!


It has been a crazy and fulfilling school year. But a lot of learning, evolving, and re-vamping are still in store. I'm excited to continue my blogging adventure and hope to include more writing on blended classrooms, gamification, the virtual thinking project, going gradeless, connecting educators, etc. 
I love learning, reflecting, and sharing! I'm glad to have a supportive PLN that helps me grow and continually pushes me to share!