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The Roots of Identities

Jessica Anderson

Prompt: How do you maintain a balance between your personal and professional identities?

What?!? I'm supposed to have two identities? 

                      Crazy Science Teacher Mrs. Anderson
Momma Anderson

Let's just say I'm really bad at keeping balance between my personal and professional identities. This year has been especially trying as my professional identity has a lot going for it. Between nominations, new roles, and application processes for huge projects that I'd die to get, I'm finding it more difficult to separate the two. Honestly, I think it is especially hard because I'm the type of person that puts everything in or nothing. If I come across a project that sounds interesting and will better myself as a teacher/learner and my students, then I'm going to go for it. I'm always putting on my gardening gloves, cultivating myself and working hard to build my "zen tree" in case one of my branches becomes weak or falls off.

Celtic Tree of Life
By Sean Seal

But the important thing to remember is that every tree, even a zen tree, has to have roots in order to survive. I think this is where my personal identity comes into play. Without the support of my amazing husband and my two little boys, I'd never be able to accomplish so many of the professional things I've accomplished, especially not this year. My family life also helps keep me grounded and gives me a place to always come back to. Without my personal identify as a mother and wife, I don't believe I'd ever be courageous enough to try the things I have as a professional educator. 

Just like with anything in nature, we all have to work hard to keep things in equilibrium. When one area gets a little warm we move some of that heat over to the colder side. This process is how we keep balance between our professional and personal identities, and drives our determination to be great in both roles.