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Blended Bites Blog

Authenticating Learning Through Glass

Jessica Anderson

While relaxing in my lawn chair all summer long (, this never happens), I like to reflect on student learning, areas of concern from last year, and skills I'd like to incorporate in a more innovative way.

This summer I am working on building a classroom game that is completely PBL for my earth science course.  My goal with this task is to put the power back into learning. I want students to feel like they have ownership of their education, that their learning is authentic, and that they can take local and global action. As a result of these goals, I've been recording my summer excursions. 

In June, I took a trip to the Pacific Ocean. While taking in the beauty of the beach, I created a collection of videos using Google Glass to share with both my face-to-face students and my online oceanography students. I haven't yet compiled these onto a playlist on my YouTube channel, but will share the link when I'm finished.

Besides my trip to the ocean, I just wrapped up a week of Dinosaur Paleontology awesomeness in the Hell Creek Formation near Glendive, MT. While in the midst of the experience, I was able to record the steps we took to extract a rare dinosaur we discovered called a Stygimoloch. I've compiled these videos into a YouTube playlist. You can view it here:

I've also blogged about the trip and given further information on the processes and formations on my Glassing Up Science: One Learning Day at a Time blog. View all four posts here:

Part 1:
I'm hoping these playlists will help authenticate content that my students normally can't get hands on experience with during the school year due to our location.