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#MTedchat--Bridging Communication Gaps 24/7

Jessica Anderson

As I write this post, I'm still pulling energy from my #MTedchat high last night. If you are an avid user of Twitter chats for professional growth you'll be able to relate to this post.

Last night was an exhilarating night for #MTedchat, a chat co-founded and moderated by Crista Anderson (@cristama) and myself.  Participants were lucky to be able to interact with three of our highest state representatives, Governor Steve Bullock, Lt. Governor Angela McLean, and State Superintendent of Schools Denise Juneau. The chat was used as a platform to share thoughts focusing on "Innovation in Education" as the three travel the state on their annual back-to-school tour.

As #MTedchat has continually proven, Twitter is a place for people to network, collaborate, and share their ideas. Roughly 66 individuals participated and shared their thoughts via 700+ Tweets within the hour.  If that's not mind-blowing, I'm not sure what is! And the most powerful piece is that those Tweets were thought-provoking, illustrated reflection, and pushed other participants to think about the ideas and how they apply to their practice. For me, that's the true power behind Twitter chats. For it to be powerful, it has to be applicable for me and my students. Undeniably, yesterday's chat was!

Below are a few of my favorite Tweets from the chat:

One of the most empowering pieces of Twitter is that the hashtag #MTedchat is open 24/7 waiting for teachers to professionally develop and network. The other amazing thing about education chats is the archive. If you're not able to attend, missed part of the discussion due to an amazing side conversation via the chat, or want to go back and review---the archive is available for your viewing pleasure. I love that I can access discussions when I need it!

I also love that it bridges the gap between all education stakeholders. Whether you're a state representative, a superintendent, principal, teacher, parent, or student, #MTedchat provides the opportunity for all voices to be heard. It's working to narrow the communication gap between all involved.

With that said, come join us! We chat every Tuesday at 8:00 PM MDT. If you missed last night's chat, you can view the archive here: Also, be on the lookout for an article in the Billings Gazette about #MTedchat in the coming weeks. It's sure to be a good read!

Additional reading if you're interested:

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Thanks to all of our participants! You make #MTedchat what it is and that's AWESOME!