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How do you spend your morning? I Vox!

Jessica Anderson

In the last two weeks I've changed my morning driving routine. I'm not talking about the roads I take or the time I leave and arrive to work. I'm talking about how I spend my time in the car. Instead of listening to the same songs on the same station, I'm listening to some of the most inspiring individuals in my field. Yes, I've changed my phone's sleep settings and pushed play on Voxer.

I'm part of the #satchat Voxer group. A group of educators excited to share, discuss, and challenge some of our most important education issues and trends. Recently we've discussed GAFE, technology, and what makes a classroom dynamic. Unlike Twitter, which is still my all time favorite PD, Voxer allows teachers to expand on ideas without having to move to e-mail. It opens up a forum for questioning, sharing, and networking across state lines.

While Voxing I find myself continually questioning and reflecting on my practice. Sometimes I participate with a short voice snippet about the topic, sometimes I listen and think about how what's being discussed is illustrated in my classroom and practice. Either way, I see growth in my reflective practice and a continual drive for becoming better for myself and my students.

Here's an example of a Vox I made before entering school yesterday morning:

Why do I think Voxer is important for me as a professional?
1. I am continually working towards becoming a better verbal communicator. Vox allows me to practice these skills.
2. Sharing and reflecting grows educators that understand the needs and trends of our field. I strive to continually grow for myself and my students.
3. Learning is important. What better way to learn than communicate with amazing educators? Networking is key to professional growth. I've learned this through my PLN on Twitter.

Still skeptical? Give it a try! I think you'll be convinced once you join a conversation.