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Blended Bites Blog

Raw Reflections from Isle of Nosredna

Jessica Anderson

Isle of Nosredna (my students pronounce it nose-red-na) is up and functioning! And yes, it is a relief for both me and the students.

The students are moving at their own pace really well now. I've had very few password changes this week and have noticed students are navigating from Haiku to Kidblog to Drive on their iPads almost seamlessly. This is an awesome thing to see since just last week I had a lot of questions on how to get to different parts in the game, how to make new documents, etc. It feels good that the students are finally getting a handle on self-managing their learning. Another awesome observation I made this week is that my students have become helpers! Listen as I reflect on what I observed this week:

A shift has happened in the lens they see each other through and I think that's just awesome!

Three additional observations I made are below. They are raw reflections, but I hope they will help illustrate some of what I've been seeing this week.

This was the image on my board today!

All and all, I'm very happy with how blended learning is shaping the culture of my classroom. We will hit bumps along the way, but it's really about making the shift toward building relationships and a culture of learning that is really important.