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The Power of a Snapshot

Jessica Anderson

When I signed on to be a runner for the Edtech Baton Project (, I thought, "oh, I'll be able to share a few ways I integrate technology in the classroom. That will be cool." In hindsight, I did more than just share. This one day project made me feel empowered. I truly felt like I had something awesome and unique to share with a community of learners. And quite possibly, they may want to know what I'm doing with my science students in Montana.

Along with feeling empowered, I felt as if it gave me a good chance to reflect on the methodology behind the activities my students are doing in the classroom. I was able to do this as I navigated my classroom seeking out good examples of technology integration and student engagement.  I wanted the world to see everything amazing room 105 has to offer on a daily basis.  I think we were successful! Check out a few of my posts from today:


These types of projects are an awesome way to authenticate your learning. They allow you to showcase your thinking and share it visually with a real audience. These projects are not only beneficial for teachers, but for our students. There are so many possibilities behind the Edtech Baton Project that are applicable to learning in our classroom. Why not have students showcase 5 snapshots of their learning during a class period? Could this project be used as a final assessment of students' understanding in a content area and be displayed via a blog, Instagram, or Vine account? How could students visually show their understanding of soils? The questions and ideas in my head are too many to type out. However, I know one thing, I'm going to find a way to include a project like this in some of my upcoming levels (units).

If you're interested in being a baton runner, head over to You too can share what works with educational technology in your classroom!