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Blended Bites Blog

Scotty, Beam me up! I'm Ready!

Jessica Anderson

Sometimes I wish I had a spaceship that flew around and picked up everything awesome in the world (mainly education related). You're probably wondering what I'd suck up into my ship. And if you're a Hitchhiker's fan, you may be wondering if a towel was waved by these choices or if there will be a guide on the ship? 

To enlighten your curiosity, here's a brief list of a few awesome things I think are worth beaming up:

1) Every ship needs a family. I think my boys and husband could play that role well. Not only are all three handsome, they provide endless entertainment. And if I were galavanting across the Universe on an education mission I'd miss them terribly. Therefore, they'd have to come along.

2) She's not an alien, but she could be mistaken for one with her innovative approaches and rock star persona. My good friend and #MTedchat colleague Crista Anderson (@Cristama) would have a permanent spot on my ship. She's a change maker focused on bettering education and supporting teachers.

3) Every good spaceship needs some mad scientists. I think I'd have to bring along my friends Jeff King (besides he's already a commander, @commander_king), Jess Henze (leader of Henzlandia, @Jhenze44), and Jeff Astor (Creator of "Beats by Astor," @jastornaut). All three of these science educators are going to change the world. They innovate teaching with approaches that very few teachers are using. Besides, there should definitely be at least two Jessica's and two Jeff's on the ship. I'm pretty sure that's a rule!

4) And not to forget the two individuals who are going to gamify the craft, Dayson Pasion (@MrPasion) and Michael Matera (@mrmatera). I'm not talking about just badges folks! They'll keep us competitive and learning through their innovative storylines and XP distribution. I'm pretty sure these two are PIRATES in disguise. 

5) Now that I've met all of the BetterLesson Blended Master Teacher's face to face, I can't leave any of them out. They all get a spot on my ship. Besides, in January they'll be revolutionizing education. Stay tuned for this story...

6) And of course I'll take along wifi. My wifi will never buffer. I'll be able to connect to my PLN on Twitter and Voxer anytime. Besides, I have too many awesome people I'm following and not all of them will physically fit on my ship. 

Now that you've read through my list I have to be honest, I'm not sure I really desire a ship. What I really wish for is a movement. I only created this list because these are people I think are capable of making it happen. When I say movement, I'm talking about making a shift to innovative practices, like blended learning, gamification, seamless technology integration, and throwing out grades. 
I know this movement can't stand on the shoulders of one person, but will be a collaborative effort. It's going to take innovative approaches that encompass several areas of education, including, but not limited to, personalization and learning ownership. 

So, how are we going to make it happen? How are you going to shift your practice to help make your classroom the beginning of a change? It begins with you, me, and all our connected colleagues. 

Scotty, beam me up! I'm ready for a change!

Are you?