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Making 2015 the Year of the Teacher

Jessica Anderson

Craig Beals,@bealsscience, Montana's 2015 Teacher of the Year and science rockstar, proudly stated back in October that 2015 is the Year of the Teacher. He even has a scroll that you can sign if you're committed to celebrating and enriching our profession.

Also, a few months ago, I heard a song by Nickelback called What are you Waiting for that I found really motivating. I've decided it is my new theme song. If you haven't heard it, check it out here:

As I write my professional goals for this year, I'm keeping Craig's mantra and the above song in mind:

1) I'm going to learn to code. I'm so keen on this idea that I've already started using Code Academy. I'm excited to say that my coding language is increasingly by the minute! My goal by the end of the year is to create something using code. Maybe my after school coding students and I can collaborate on a project.

2) I'm going to start, even if we just take small steps, working on a science data project with Jeff Astor, @jastronaut.  We've found a gap, we both have a desire to fill the gap, and I'm eager to take small steps to make it happen. Jeff, are you with me?

3) I'm going to write.  (1) I really enjoyed blogging every Friday when Gary Abud, @MR_Abud, did his Teacher Leadership Challenge. However, I've found that my blogging has since wained a little. My goal is to complete 24 quality blog posts over the next year. Who's going to hold me accountable? Anyone want to do a blogging challenge? (2) I'm going to get my bum into gear and start writing my book proposal for Corwin press. I'm sure Desiree Bartlett, @BartlettDesiree, will be a great help in this area. We'll see how this goes... 

4) I'm going to put on a #MTedchat virtual conference with Crista Anderson, @cristama. We've been talking about it. Crista, I'm putting it in writing to keep us accountable :)

5) I'm going to continue to revolutionalize my teaching practice.  Better blending and more immersive gamification are in store for both my earth science and physics courses. I also have a desire to revamp/change how I teach my online oceanography class. Maybe then I'll actually like teaching the class.  

Besides my above goals, I have some upcoming awesomeness that I'd like to share out:

1) BetterLesson is launching the Blended Master Teacher portal in February where my practice will be displayed visually and in written form via this website:

2) I'm doing a Webinar with WizIQ in February on blended and gamified learning. 

3) I'm presenting in Chicago at NSTA in March. Topic: Level Up Your Students’ Learning: Introducing Game Elements into the Classroom

4) I'm presenting twice in Philadelphia at ISTE in June/July. Topics: (1) Vox and Tweet Your Way to a Professional Learning Network (PLN) and (2) Level Up Your Students' Learning: Introducing Game Elements into the Classroom.