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Blended Bites Blog

Blended Learning Tip #1: Changing Your Mindset

Jessica Anderson

Blending learning with technology and face-to-face teachers is a growing trend in classrooms across the country. As more schools grant students 1:1 access to a device and the internet, this model of teaching becomes available to more students. The model helps teachers make the shift from being the lead learner to being an academic coach. The students are in control of their learning, their mastery of the content, and how they navigate the course work. Models and strategies implemented in classrooms differ, but most experts agree that six models exist. Check out the models here.

I began blending three years ago as I implemented gamification into my classroom. Paul Andersen, a Bozeman, MT science teacher, was influential in my teaching shift. From my classroom observations, blended learning seemed like the direction I needed to go to evolve my teaching practice and the learning of my students.

As I enter this 30 day blended blogging journey, I'll share what I've learned about blended implementation. The tips will be short, but will give you a glimpse into what goes through my head while I'm implementing strategies into my classroom. If you want to see more, visit to see some of the strategies I've implemented.

Blended Tip #1: Changing Your Mindset