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Exploring Astronomy Though Microbial Fingerprints

Jessica Anderson

Exploring Astronomy Though Microbial Fingerprints

A blog post by astronomy students Hunter, Jake, Justin, Heather, and Schelby

In our astronomy class, we took the time to research alien life or the possibility of it on other planets. We focused on Titan, one of the moons of Saturn. During this process, we wrote down some of the questions we had about the possibility of alien life in our solar system. Using social media, we found Dr. Sarah Rugheimer, an astrobiologist who graduated with her PhD from Harvard University. We sent her our questions and received an audio reply from her, which we used to make our podcasts.

Listen to them below:

The Search for Space Fish (3:18)

Description: Looking into the heavens, pondering the possibility of life on other planets. What biological wonders lay in the upward abyss? How do we make contact with these extraterrestrial fish? 
Description: In this captivating podcast of astronomical phenomena, Jake and Hunter delve into the secrets of the cosmos. We interviewed Dr. Sarah Rugheimer to learn more about microbial fingerprints and telescopes that can be used to find them. Is there life on other planets? Listen to this podcast to find out!