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Blended Bites Blog

Build the Culture and the Culture Will Come

Jessica Anderson

Self-management is a huge part of the blended classroom. Students who self-manage decide daily how, what, and where they are going to learn. Along with making these decisions, they also verbalize why they are doing what they are doing and how it helps them as learners. 

Today, at the beginning of class, I had a group of girls waiting for feedback on their final project for level 3. Even though I wanted to give them the valuable feedback they deserved, I was inundated with helping other students understand the content. As I verbalized this to the girls, they said, "it's okay Mrs. Anderson, we'll begin reading the book for level 4."

As I helped my other students, I noticed movement happening. The girls each grabbed a book and moved bean bags into the lab. From a teaching perspective, I wondered what they were thinking. However, I didn't say anything. I've worked hard to build a culture of self-management and this was one of those moments I needed to trust. 

Once my other students were settled and working successfully on their assignments, I popped my head in the lab. What I saw made my blended learning heart melt; three ladies taking turns reading the book A Long Walk to Water aloud. I was so impressed I had to capture the moment:


It may have taken three long months to build the culture, but build the culture and the culture will come.