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Blended Bites Blog

Moving Beyond the Honor Roll Sheet

Jessica Anderson

Today, Powell County High School staff tried something different. We recognized honor roll students with more than their name on a sheet of paper or picture in the paper. We took the time to celebrate their hard work, their accomplishment of being one of 103 students on the honor roll. Today, as a collective group of educators, we threw them lunch (Honor "Lunch" Roll)!


If I've learned one thing during my last nine years of teaching, it's that recognition for hard work, whether a thank you or a simple positive comment while passing each other in the hallway, goes a long way! Our students are humans too. They like positive recognition. They want to know that someone cares enough to recognize the hard work they put into their jobs as students. It's important, and a step towards building the culture we want to develop at Powell County High School.

Today, it's important to recognize that the Bitterroot and 5Es are not just for colleagues or members of the education profession. If we truly want to make a change to the stigmas surrounding education, we must work to empower and elevate our students.

Our students are the future. 

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