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Blended Bites Blog

Strategizing: It's Not Just For Chess Players

Jessica Anderson

At the beginning of every class, students enter the classroom, open up their HP Streams, and complete their goal sheets on Classcraft. During this time, a 4-minute clip of B-Film's Didge plays in the background. The ending of this music indicates that it's time to clamshell devices, which you can hear uttered from my mouth daily. Students immediately half-close their devices and bring their attention to the front of the room. It's during this structured portion of the period that we complete our class event (a random event; adding an element of chance to the game), review students' goal sheets and the class timeline, and discuss strategies to use in the blended classroom.

Our strategy discussion, in my opinion, is one of the most important parts of this portion of the day. In the self-paced blended classroom, strategy discussions center around progression, overcoming challenges, and collaboration. For example, the other day we talked about using experts in our class to help when met with a challenging activity. We focused on how to go about finding the experts in the class, like individuals who had already mastered the activity and content, and how to ask for help. Discussions like these, although a simple reminder of discussions at the beginning of the year, remind students how to be successful blended students. 

What conversations surrounding strategies do you have with your students?