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Blended Bites Blog

12 Days of Blended Learning: Day 10

Jessica Anderson

This is the tenth video in a series of twelve on blended learning.

Day 10: Discovery Education Techbook

When I first started teaching at PCHS eight years ago, I did not have access to 1:1 devices. As a result, I used a textbook for several years. After a few years, I transitioned away from using a textbook and explored creating my own curriculum. However, now in my ninth year teaching and with access to 1:1 devices, I've transitioned to a digital Techbook. Even though Discovery Education costs money to use, I like that I have easy access to content and short clips of video. I also LOVE that my students can change the reading level, as well as highlight the text and use text-to-speech technology.

If my school did not purchase Discovery Education for the science department, I'd opt to using CK-12 in my blended classroom.using CK-12 in my blended classroom.