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Blended Bites Blog

12 Days of Blended Learning: Days 11 and 12

Jessica Anderson

This is the final video in a series of twelve about blended learning. 

Days 11 and 12: Moonshots in Education and BetterLesson

After blending for several years, I discovered the book Moonshots in Education: Blended Learning in the Classroom by Esther Wojciciki and Lance Izumi. It was referred to me by my friend and BetterLesson Blended colleague Jeff Astor. After reading this book, I felt accomplished.  I had pieced together a blended classroom with little to no model, with many of the strategies referred to in the book, and it was working! As a result of this book, I reflected further on what my blended classroom looks, feels, and accomplishes for my students. It's a great read. I highly recommend it even if you've already started blending your classroom.

Another fabulous resource is the BetterLesson Blended Master Teacher Project. Yes, I may be biased, but there are amazing videos and strategies that will help you develop a blended classroom that is right for you. It's worth checking out!

Happy holidays from my blended classroom to yours!

*If you're just arriving to our blog, please check out the previous 12 days of blended learning posts. You'll find more background on why I referenced each of the resources in the video.