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Enroute Bitterroot

The Beginning of Something Memorable

Jessica Anderson

The lowdown on social media

On Monday, I had my first opportunity to speak as the 2016 Montana Teacher of the Year. The presentation was for Delta Kappa Gamma, an educational organization of ladies from Deer Lodge and Anaconda, MT. Many of the individuals in attendance live near me or taught me in school. As a result, I had a blast discussing social media with these women!

As I was designing the presentation, I tried to channel my older self. I reflected on what the older and wiser Jessica might want to know when entering a new social media site. I created a list of items I would likely search for and thought about what would be significant to me as a more mature individual having taught and retired from a teaching position.  I also thought about social media sites currently available that these particular women might be interested in, like Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest. As a result, I put together this presentation:

I've got a feeling

As I was presenting, I could feel that same energy I feel when students are eager and willing to learn in my classroom. It's an eagerness that pushes me to become even more passionate about the content I am teaching. In this case, it was difficult not to be passionate because social media is one of my FAVORITE things to converse about. 

The DKG women had great questions. The most prominent need among the ladies was eliminating unwanted posts in their Facebook feed. We took care of that! With the selection of hide and a discussion on the difference between unfriending and unfollowing someone, I had one lady tell me she wanted to spend more time with me! I'll take that as a win! 

They were also very curious about using Twitter. As you can see in the presentation, I started by showing them how they could search Twitter without an account. I used Arts and Culture, as well as gardening as examples. They seemed very interested once a tweet about creating living wreaths came up. I'm almost tempted to follow-up with them to find out how many of them did a search on Twitter upon returning home.

A good day

All in all, presenting for DKG was an awesome chance to practice my presentation skills and share my knowledge of social media with individuals who shared their knowledge with me in the classroom setting many years ago.

I hope this won't be my last interaction with this group of ladies!

What's up next?

My next 2016 Teacher of the Year adventure will take place next week in San Antonio, TX. It's in the 60 degree weather where I'll meet my class, the 2016 State Teachers of the Year.  I'm excited and can't wait to continue to build my network. I'm positive I'll have more to share in the coming weeks!