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Enroute Bitterroot

5 Word Teaching Stories

Jessica Anderson

What's your teaching story? Can you tell it in five words?

On Tuesday #MTedchat participants engaged in conversations surrounding the 5Es (Empower, Elevate, Extinguish, Eliminate, and Exceed). The discussions were thoughtful, intriguing, and uplifting. This chat, like many others, left me feeling empowered and determined to take on the day. I encourage you to check out the archive here. 

As the 2016 Montana Teacher of the Year, I'm on a mission to empower educators by helping them globalize their practice. Part of this mission focuses on teachers knowing the power of their voice and sharing their stories. On Tuesday, after five thought-provoking questions, I asked #MTedchat participants the following:

Below are their responses:

From these 5-word stories, I can tell a lot about the educators in the #MTedchat network. They have a passion for savoring moments, growing as professionals, and sharing their passion for students and learning. They also know how to share their voices with the world.

You have a story too

Your words are powerful. And, you have the opportunity to share your passion for education with the world. So, I challenge you, yes you, to share your story.