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Enroute Bitterroot

Space Shot and Southern Hospitality

Jessica Anderson

Team Kibo takes on Space Camp!

Team Kibo takes on Space Camp!

As I reflect on today, day 2 of Space Camp, the events remind me of courses during a meal at a restaurant.


We started today visiting the "Habitat." If you remember my post yesterday, my initial observations had me convinced that this building is District 13 from the Hunger Games. Today, we embarked on a short tour of the building where my observations became even more profound than before. Either it truly is District 13 or the producers of the movie attended Space Camp as youngsters. I'll let you be the judge...

Next on our short tour, we made a brief stop in the Davidson Space Center. Here we explored areas of the building we'll complete missions in during the coming days. This brief glimpse into what's to come has me even more excited about the experiences. 

Take your own brief tour here:

Main Course

One of the biggest portions of today was the "Parade of the States and the Nations." This was a process. Space Camp facilitators planned, we practiced and put on an amazing display of recognition for our states. All of the states should be proud of their State Teachers of the Year! When the video posts on YouTube, I'll be sure to add it to the blog! 

Before the Parade, Team Kibo took a risk and experienced the "Space Shot." This video is of some of my teammates. However, our team leader captured a video of me screaming like a crazy lady during my ride. I'll upload it for your viewing pleasure when it arrives in my inbox. 


Our next stop after the Parade of States and Nations was dessert. When they said dessert, they meant dessert! We had our pick of hundreds of treats. Heck, it would have been feasible to start with the delicacies and skip dinner. However, that would have meant skipping the home cooked Southern food---I tried collard greens and grits. Honestly, I think I'll leave both in the south when I leave. 

Although the dessert was excellent, the dinner was not just about the food. It was about celebrating and recognizing teachers, as well as honoring the support of the Du Midi organization who sponsored our meal. With every member of Du Midi I spoke with, I was met with nothing less than Southern hospitality. It was an incredible event!

Meet my new friend Gloria Stevens. She had some great stories to tell!

Meet my new friend Gloria Stevens. She had some great stories to tell!