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Montana Ambassadors of Education

Learn about the Bitterroot and digitally sign the Bitterroot that will be traveling the country. 

Learn about the Bitterroot and digitally sign the Bitterroot that will be traveling the country. 

What has the Bitterroot been up to?

What has the Bitterroot been up to?

The year 2016 is about becoming Montana Ambassadors of Education. When we choose to take on this role, we choose to embrace and promote the 5 Es. No, I'm not referring to the 5 E model of instruction, but to a mindset focused on positively contributing to our profession. Below are the 5 Es I choose to promote and share this year as Montana Teacher of the Year: 

I choose to...

(1) Empower teachers in our schools, communities, state, and nation. To empower teachers means to help them define their teaching vision, collaboratively work together to reach goals, and grow as professionals. 

(2) Eliminate and Extinguish the negative rhetoric surrounding teaching by celebrating and exposing the awesome things we do as educators. This means we have to share; share a lot!

(3) Exceed the expectations we've set for ourselves as teachers by not being afraid to take risks, innovate, or fail forward, but to do the best we can for our students.

(4) Elevate our profession. When someone asks what we do, we must move beyond the statement of I'm just a teacher. We need to promote and share what we are doing with our students. We need to demonstrate to our country that we are not just teachers, we are professionals with the goal of helping our students become not perfect, but awesome citizens. 

As Montana Ambassadors of Education, it's our responsibility to live, breathe, and share how we live, breath, and do education in the 21st century. 

As we embark on this journey, let's remember that we can't do this alone. We need to seek out our bitterroots; those individuals who encourage, support, and nurture us as Montana educators. These individuals will help us remember our goal of promoting and celebrating our profession with the 5 Es in order to continue to enrich our profession and the lives of our students. 

I hope you'll join me!

Digitally commit to promoting and sharing the 5E's

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instructions for signing the bitterroot

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2) Follow the steps shown in the GIF below to sign the bitterroot. Once you sign it, Google Slides will automatically save your signature. 

Herbert, N. (2014, June 15). Yellowstone National Park, Bitterroot [Photograph]. Retrieved from